"I wanted to say thank you to all who are involved with the "HOOT".
In 2015, my sister Eileen, myself and a few friends from Bozeman attended. As previous residents of beautiful Livingston, it was an opportunity to enjoy an amazing outdoor concert, reaquaint with old friends, and once again soak up the indescribable vibe of Livingston. More importantly for me, however, is the memory of sharing this with my sister who passed away this April, she so enjoyed being there that night. Music makes Memories, wonderful, fun memories build communities. So to the sponsors that donated to make it free, and all who make it happen, I thank you."
With gratitude,
Stacy Smith

“Joanne and John,
I can’t actually think of enough adjectives to describe the results of last Thursday. If only the town can see the benefit that having a series of these events brings to the community not just a one off.  Thank you for your efforts!!”
Don Gimbel

"Hi Joanne & John
Sincere thanks to you and John and all of your volunteers for putting on such a fine event. I know the downtown merchants and restaurant and bar owners really appreciate the lift the concert gives them.  It was gratifying to see so many people on Main Street spending money and enjoying themselves.   It was a privilege to be a part of it.  Thanks again."
Joseph Swindlehurst 

"How does a small Montana town show off its historic downtown, friendly folks and love of music? It holds a Hoot; a close-the-streets, mid-summer, family friendly, free celebration of all things Livingston.  I invite all my out of town friends to join us at this wonderful event.  It’s a chance to see great music, hang with the locals AND support Livingston restaurants, bars and shops.  Here’s to seeing it continue, grow and flourish as a perennial go to event in Southwest Montana."
John Zumpano

"Well for those of us NOT on facebook…many many thanks for such a great event. It was fantastic. This morning walking through town everyone was grinning and it was all everyone was talking about. Really about the best event we’ve had in town in many years!"
Hebbard Blesius, ERA Realty

“As a downtown business owner, I can’t praise the Hoot festival highly enough. It brought hundreds of people to town and showed them a great time. It built community spirit and cohesiveness. It showcased great music, provided food and drink for the crowds and by the next morning there wasn’t so much as a paper cup left on the streets. What’s not to like?”
Scott McMillion

"You kids get off my lawn!"
David Letterman